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Bronx Pro Real Estate Management, Inc. was formed in 1988. Beginning initially as a property management firm, Bronx Pro has always distinguished itself from other property managers by demonstrating high maintenance standards and a strong respect for its tenants. Its portfolio of managed properties consists primarily of properties owned by partnerships in which Peter and Margaret Magistro, the principals of the company, are involved. Bronx Pro currently manages over 62 multi family buildings containing over 2,000 residential and 20 commercial units.

In 1998 the company expanded its business activities to include the development of low and moderate income housing. Beginning first with rehabilitation of occupied city-owned buildings, the company has broadened its scope to include the development of large new construction projects that contain both residential and commercial space. The company has completed more than $200 million of affordable housing projects and currently has over $40 million worth of projects in various stages of predevelopment.

Bronx Pro’s commitment to the well being of its residents is further supported by Bronx Pro’s residential services department. Created in 2006, the goal of the unit is to improve the quality of life for Bronx Pro tenants. The staff of the residential services unit work one-on-one with tenants in entitlement advocacy and self sufficiency planning.

Under the auspices of its property management unit, Bronx Pro also offers commercial leasing and real estate brokerage services.  Led by a skilled and experienced real estate professional, these two services reflect Bronx Pro’s commitment to full service property management.

Upon entering the first floor, residents and visitors alike are greeted by a sun-filled granite tiled lobby. With electricity generated by photovoltaic panels, individualized temperature controls, a card access security system, onsite child care and a roof garden, the building demonstrates Bronx Pro’s commitment to energy efficiency and quality full-service housing.